How it Works

What do I need to do to take the stress out of college papers?
Start with a Word Document

Email us to let us know your document is coming and what your assignment is.


Then, attach your document in Microsoft Word format to an email sent to



APA/MLA Citation

Every professor or instructor is different.  Despite the fact that citation is supposed to be standard, different evaluators look for different things.


It's best to send a sample of your instructor's model citation and references page, so that we can tailor your citations to their specifications.


Besides your document, please also include:

  • Your instructor's question, if applicable

  • The citation format your course uses (i.e. "APA 6th)

  • An example of citations and/or works cited page from your instructor

  • Your timeline and/or the paper's due date


Expect to receive an email or two during the process.  


Along with clarification questions, you may get asked about the meaning of content.  We will never change the content of your work; however, we may ask for clarification of meaning.


Once your paper is completed, you will receive a partial copy so you can look it over and see the quality before sending payment.


An invoice will be sent, and you can pay through PayPal or any major credit card.

Follow Up

When you receive your paper, carefully read it over and compare it to your original.  


After you submit it, we love to get feedback about your grade and your instructor's comments if you have time and remember!