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John Goetz is a licensed English Instructor in Minnesota with over 20 years of writing and editing experience.



BA in English

BA in Education

BA in Communication

AS in Computer Science

MA in Educational Leadership

John Goetz

Mr. Goetz is a former English Teacher, who is now employed at a major medical facility in the Midwest.  

​In college, he was the Editor of the school newspaper, and served as a copy-editor at a Christian Publishing House as a summer job.  He taught English and German in high school around the country, and began editing papers for coworkers employed in the medical field.


Most recently, he helped a coworker earn an MBA with an emphasis in health care and pharmacogenomics, and is working toward his own MBA with an emphasis in Healthcare.

Personal Info

In his spare time, Mr. Goetz enjoys marathon running, reading, and occasional salsa dancing.  


He is proudest of his four successful children: a PhD student in Utah, a nursing student at the University of Iowa, a senior with an academic scholarship to the University of Arizona, and a nursing student at the University of Kentucky.