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Welcome to Goetz Editing!


We specialize in tuning up your papers so they are submission-ready for Graduate and Undergraduate School.  We take your writing and correct grammar, usage, and general expository writing errors.


Our service goes well beyond proofreading, making your writing look spectacular!


Simply submit your paper, and it will be returned to you in a form that is ready for submission.


We are familiar with whatever format your instructor requires.  


Simply forward the instructor's requirements (or better yet, send examples), and we can take the stress out of citations.


We offer editing for college students who want to submit error-free papers.


Our editing is comprehensive, and consultations are done throughout the process to ensure that content is exact.


This service is not designed for high schoolers.  We have a comprehensive background in helping students in Masters and Bachelors programs, specifically in the medical field.


We charge $20/hour, so the quality of the original submitted document helps determine how much is charged.


We recommend you try our service ONCE and see for yourself if you find it's worth it.


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What People are Saying

"I got 100% on all my discussion papers last semester using John's editing."  

--Beth, BSN student 2015


"John helped me write at the highest level when I was getting my MBA in Healthcare Administration."

--Denise, MBA student 2014


"I only get charged for how much time it takes.  If my paper doesn't need much help, he's good about not overcharging.  Some places charge by the word no matter how good my work is."

--Mari, nursing student 2015


"John would dialogue with me about the content, and he understood what my professor was looking for."

--Irene, MBA student 2014

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